Affiliate Program


Help us grow! We offer 15%* sales commision. 

*Limited time 15% offer


  • Affiliate Partner

Job Description:

  • Promote our product and website
  • Use your voice with social media or any form of communication
  • This partnership will work directly with our Marketing Manager and marketing materials will be provided

Get Paid

  • 15%* commision per completed sales when customers use your referral link
  • You will be paid via Paypal
  • After transaction verification, you will be paid Net 1 Month on the 15th (for example: any commissions earned for the entire month of February will be available March 15th.) 

Bonus Rewards System

  • 5 friends - you get a mini plush
  • 10 friends - you get a small squishy
  • 25 friends - you get a large plush
  • 50 friends - you get a new squishy once a month for a year


  • Exclusive special discounts on everything on our website and more!
  • Flexible, work on your own schedule
  • Work from anywhere, no need to come into an office
  • You can make it as challenging or relaxing as you want
  • No liability


  • Access to a computer or mobile device with internet connection
  • Know how to promote our website and our products using any social platform using your referral link
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