Shinjidai - Zodiac Mini Plush

Shinjidai - Zodiac Mini Plush

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Cute Kawaii Animal Friends Mini Strap Plush - 3" Zodiac Set of 12

Types: Mouse (rat), Cow (ox), Cat (Tiger), Bunny (rabbit), Dragon, Snake, Pony (horse), Ram (goat), Monkey, Chick (rooster), Puppy (dog), Piglet (boar)

Next generation Chinese zodiac animals are getting ready to race for the Junior Zodiac Grand Prix. How will the next gen zodiac animals prepare for the big race? How will the order change? We know that every animal is working hard to win, even the mouse. This time around, the mouse won't be able to fool everyone. How will the mouse train?Does he have a new trick up his sleeves? We heard that he's training with the dragon to enhance his mystical powers. Stay tuned for more news! Buy your Zodiac plush promo today. Collect ONE, collect TWO, collect them ALL!

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