Shinjidai - Seaworld 2 Mini Plush

Shinjidai - Seaworld 2 Mini Plush

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Shinjidai - Seaworld 2 Mini Plush 1.5" Set of 6

Options: Hammerhead, Great White, Seahorse, Clown Fish, Sunfish, Puff

Seahorse was travelling the vast ocean with her friend Clownfish. They were in search of the legendary Sunfish. Legend has it that if two friends seek the Sunfish together, the Sunfish will grant them an answer to any question. On their journey, they encountered two sharks, Hammerhead and Great White. They too were also looking for the legendary Sunfish to seek their answer. They saw a green puff fish and thought it was the legendary Sunfish. Puff told them that he's not a Sunfish. They asked Puff where the Legendary Sunfish could be. Puff didn't know. So they all kept searching... Stay tuned for the next episode.

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